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Content Marketing

Businesses & marketplaces are now radically different from the one when many of us started. The only sure shot way of generating business for your company back in the day was building a strong network who would refer your business to potential clients and your practice expanded – slowly and steadily.

Today, the buyer is more proactive and reaches out to brands and businesses that fit their requirements by looking them up online, reading about them, gauging their expertise and experience through carious channels like company websites , Social media presence etc. For instance -

  • More than 80% of buyers research a brand online before they decide to avail their services
  • Consumers spend an average of 49 days conducting online research before choosing a right fit for themselves

There is an answer to this buyer driven market and the answer is Content Marketing. Content Marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract, engage and acquire a clearly defined audience. What does content marketing entail?

  • Writing relevant and appropriate content for target audience
  • Establishing expertise and authority on relevant topics
  • Making content that is searchable by the Search Engine
  • Building Profile & online reputation for prospect clients
  • Sharing content with a wide user base and generating loyal readership

Content includes info-graphics, PR videos, informative interviews, podcasts, etc. The more engaging and informative your content, the better! Content Marketing plays an extremely significant role especially in the legal market - with majority of marketing channels being unavailable to the legal fraternity, content becomes an invaluable source of generating leads. At UltraWired , we build customised, engaging, SEO optimized content on a variety of topics catered to your target audience, helping position your firm as experts for specific services.

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